This presentation today was on Simulation and Modeling. The presenters, Debbie and Ashley did a great job of explaining this topic in theory and practical examples.

Click here to view their website.

The introduction to the presentation was distinguishing the difference between a simulation and a model.

The definitions of a simulation and modeling are as follows:

  • Simulation is a demonstration or experiment using a model, that is, using the model for a purpose.
  • Modeling is the process of emulating or copying some aspect of the real world.

7-26-06_paper_airplaneWhilst thinking about these two definitions the class created a paper airplane and discussed whether this would be a simulation or a model. The main point that was produced from the class discussion was that the paper airplane can be either a model or simulation depending on what you use the airplane for.


The presenters provided some great links to different simulations on their website. These different online examples of simulations are very interactive and include a user friendly interface for students to easily manage their way around. The simulations also include the use of guides and supports which are a helpful tool for students to keep them on task.

The simulations provided by the presenters included:

introOne of the big topis discussed in the presentation was Second Life. This tool is a free online virtual world imagined and created by the people who sign up to it. An example of Second Life integrated within the classroom is teachers would be able to sign students up and take them on a guided tour around an aspect on the virtual world. The example of this shown in the presentation was a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel.

Second Life within the classroom can be very time consuming and use a lot of bandwidth if all students were on the online program on each computer in the classroom.

Another quick task we participated in at the very end of the presentation was an activity of finding weather statistics around your residential area and producing this into an excel graph. The quick example I produced in the class is evident below.

Picture 1

This topic can have both positives and negatives. A positive being that the simulation and modeling games are free online tools available to everyone. A negative can include schools may not have the sufficient technology to be able to demonstrate these examples for this topic.

The overall presentation was well thought through and a good use of questioning and reflection.

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