Today we learnt about making your own Interactive Whiteboard (Wiimote Project) which is a simple and cheap alternative to a smartboard found in most schools these days. Things you require to develop this project are a Nintendo Wiimote (under $70), Artline pen – series 500 (under $10), AAA battery pack, 2 x AAA batteries, LED, switch, free downloaded software and of course a data projector.

The downloadable software is available at the following link Wiimote Software from Tom Sextro’s Wii Whiteboard project website. This website is helpful for all different aspects of the project and the link to his main page is given below.

Tom Sextro’s Wiimote Project Website


This project could be incorporate into a computing classroom environment as students are always interested in new technology innovations and this could make them discover something easy and simple to put together. This project would also fit well into the topic of learning about computer hardware and software components (input and output devices). The wiimote being the main input device and the pen being the output device as it contains the LED which is an infrared camera which will communicate with a computer to see the infrared.

Below is a great YouTube video by Johnny Lee of the making of these simple interactive whiteboard

In the workshop today we each got to make a simple interactive pen. This was surprisingly very easy to make and when testing it on the front projector it did work!!! There are many different kinds of pens you can make to go with the interactive whiteboard, depending on what pen and switch you use and also depending on whether you make it yourself or buy one. Below is an example of the pen I made in the workshop and the other image is of a pen bought from an online website.

Pen made in Workshop

Pen made in Workshop

Pen bought Online

Pen bought Online

Overall this is a very interesting workshop, very hands on and a great example of a tasks students would be excited to take part in making. One main issue that can occur with this whiteboard is gaining the bluetooth connection as it did take the tutor a while to gain a bluetooth connection with the computer so in a classroom you would have to test this before the class starts.

Links to other workshop presentations

Tuesday 11am Workshop

Tuesday 2pm Workshop

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