E-mailToday’s workshop presentation was based on the idea of Going Online and was done by Nick and Sam. Here is a link to their site…Going Online Website.Going Online is a very broad topic so todays major focus was on email systems and online netiquette. This presentation was very informative and interesting as all students today and most people do rely on email as a way of communication. I learnt alot from this presentation and below I have pointed out some main things I did learn.

  • Two common forms of email are IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3). A great teaching strategy was implemented in the understanding of what these two common forms are. There were two diagrams drawn on the whiteboard which were explained very thoroughly until all students in the class were aware of the different of the two. The difference being, IMAP uses a server to store the user’s emails (hotmail, yahoo) whereas POP3 stores emails on a server allowing the user to download new emails directly to the computer when requested. I found a good site which compares these two protocols…Comparison of IMAP and POP3
  • We also learnt some interesting facts about SPAM (originated from the SPAM ham, meaning rubbish) and also about Carbon Copy
  • The activity done was very useful as we set up our new ACU student emailing account which is now based similar to a hotmail account. The boys outlined this activity in a great manner and did a demonstration at the front of the class as we went along which was a great strategy for the whole class to keep up to speed. The boys also walked around and helped students who had difficulties or problems in the setup process.
  • We also learnt about the rules of proper email netiquette. These were straight forward but were good to be reinforced as many people do forget about some of these. The email activity, where we had to fix all the netiquette mistakes was a great way to test and see if students were paying attention to the netiquette rules.
  • Overall the presentation was effective and will be a great resource to use in a classroom as email is a big issue. 


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