Digital Documents

Digital Documents

As part of this weeks workshop my group (myself and Amanda) were responsible for first presentation on Digital Documents.

To view our website which was created using iWeb please click on the following link.

Digital Documents Website

To view our Powerpoint presentation please access the link below. This powerpoint is our introduction which we looked at what a digital document is and what a PDF file is.

Digital Documents Powerpoint

After each presentation the tutor requires students to give the presenters feedback and also for the presenters to give feedback. Some of the following points were made by both myself and Amanda and also students in the workshop:

  • Engaging introduction – Getting students involved in a brainstorm of what the words “Digital Documents”  meant to them. Various students came to the whiteboard wrote their response and passed the whiteboard marker to another student in the class. This is a good strategy for a beginning to a new topic.
  • Could have gone into more detail with various definitions within the presentation. Didnt go into enough depth with the basics of a digital document.
  • Simple learning activity (Showbag Design) was used which is effective in the way that most students will go about their business finishing it without any problems.
  • Timing of activities was good considering the presentation time allocated.
  • Conversion of a word document to PDF format was explained well and difference between converting online, on a PC or on a Mac computer. Was good to demonstrate visual step-by-step of how to do this conversion.
  • A drop box is a good teaching tool. Allowed for all students to see each others work on the big screen and students were able to tell everyone about their individual activity they created.

I felt our presentation was timed well and contained enough information for the students to carry out various activities required of them. I learnt how to explain the use of a drop box, which is a great teaching tool to collect students work for marking or for presentation purposes. I also become a lot more familiar with the idea of converting a word docment into a PDF file. It makes a document presentation neater and professional and I am using this technique alot more now!!!

Word to PDF Format

Word to PDF Format

At the end of the workshop we briefly went through different ideas for our ePortfolio on WordPress and what types of pages we could include. One thing to remember one creating an “About Me” page is to put an appropriate photo of yourself on!!!

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2 Responses to “Workshop 4 – Digital Documents”

  1. samprasad17 Says:

    I was stoked to learn how to convert doc files to pdf! As professional teachers we will need this skill so our work doesn’t get altered or copied without our permission. Thanx Erin!

  2. biddz Says:

    What a great feature. I will definitely be using this resource at school. I think the teachers I work with may even find it more useful than my students will!

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