173ikea_logoThis workshop was based around the IKEA Excursion which was undertaken in the lecture time of week 3. This excursion was another opportunity to focus our attention on different ways of teaching the syllabus and in this case the use of an excursion is a great technique. All students love going on excursions because it obviously means leaving the school for the day but also because it is an interacting and fun-filled day.Whilst at IKEA we were to take various photographs, using some form of technology (digital camera or mobile phone), of different resources based on ICT.

As an activity in the workshop we had to create an excursion project for either the Technology Mandatory syllabus or the Information & Software Technology syllabus. This was a great activity as we again practised our iWeb/iPhoto skills in making the excursion project into a website based assessment.

The activity I came up with was for year 7 students who will participate in the excursion to Ikea and take photos to use later in class. They will be asked to design their own study room based on the pictures taken at Ikea and taking into consideration colour schemes, pricing and themes.

During the workshop we had enough time at the end to sign up for WordPress. This will be where our entire ePortfolio blog will be created.

Below is a link the an Atomic Learning WordPress tutorial. This is  great link to allow ourselves to become familiar with the WordPress working environment.


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