My Solution: Sun Smart Paper Hat
My Solution: Sun Smart Paper Hat

In this workshop we again developed our skills in using iWeb to create a simple website based on a design challenge. The Design Challenge was a way of demonstrating a practical teaching method in relation to the Information and Software Technology Syllabus (Option Topic: Digital Media).

This activity was a great way for students to participate within the classroom and demonstrate their computing skills. The task required some higher order thinking as student were made to think of different design solutions to the problem. 

The task was a desktop publishing project in which we had to design, produce and elevate the problem put forward. We had to create a sun protecting prototype using A3 paper and masking tape. This was a really fun activity as the tutor did a class demonstration of how to use PhotoBooth to take photos and to transfer them into iPhoto for manipulation and to apply photos from iPhoto into a basic website built in iWeb.

Below is an image I took in PhotoBooth:

PhotoBooth is a fun and engaging program that Mac computers offer. Instead of the use of a digital camera this program would be an easy task to undertake in a classroom environment to demonstrate different uses for photos on a computer.

PhotoBooth Tester
PhotoBooth Tester

 Below is a link to the task and my individual website I created:

The Design Challenge

My Website

In the workshop we also went through the Task A topics for our upcoming presentations. The tutor provided various links to internet resources which will be useful as a starting point for research into your specific topic. These topics will be arranged by an online system of nonimating groups per presentation. Myself and Amanda chose to present in the first week which will involve a presentation on Digital Documents.

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