Today’s presentation was on a topic known as Web 2.0 which was explained to the class by the presenters Emmanuel, Renee and Emma. To visit their website please click here.

From a brief definition Web 2.0 can mean anything you are able to share with other people whilst being online, for example MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. People in a Web 2.0 environment are able to ‘share’ information, upload files, discuss things with others online and change or add files.


The term Web 2.0 was first developed through a conference brainstorming session between Tim O’Reilly and MediaLive International. The below YouTube video is Tim O’Reilly giving his definition on what Web 2.0 is all about.

The main focus for Web 2.0 in today’s workshop was the free online software known as Moodle. Moodle is a great tool which can be implemented within secondary schools for submitting assessments online, classroom discussions or open forums, creating quizzes and uploading multimedia resources for students to access.


Moodle is a great Web 2.0 application available to teachers as teachers can still control the situation, for example setting an exact time of when an assessment is due for students to submit. Teachers are able to upload activities for students to access which are related to specific topics, for example PDF’s, YouTube video links, quizzes etc.


onlineThe activity the presenters produced in this workshop was creating an online quiz. We broke up into groups with one student being the ‘teacher’ and the rest being students. The teacher created a quiz on Moodle based on their presentation topic they presented throughout the semester and the students were then to complete this quiz.  



Moodle is a great tool to think about incorporating into our own classrooms. Teachers are able to control what goes on with passwords and different levels of security implemented (administrator – teachers – students). Moodle demonstrates a shared learning environment as teachers are able to use students learning into the online assessments they create.

6a00d8341c7bc453ef00e54f35fed08834-800wiThe idea of a Web 2.0 environment is the way of the future. Teachers can collaborate with other classes, schools etc. using this environment which will open up the boundaries in schools and create a way forward in ICT in classrooms.



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