photostoryToday Simon and Michael went through their workshop presentation on Digital Storytelling. To view their website please click here.

As discussed digital storytelling is a digital extension of a spoken tale and it involves the connection of the following two elements:  the tradition of telling a story and the use of technology to expand a story. A digital story should have a beginning, a middle with something occurring and an end or resolution.

Some great examples were shown of different digital stories. These examples also helped the class understand that digital storytelling is not just about stringing together images and sound, it is about demonstrating a real clear message and basing the story on a high level of emotion. To view these examples which are found on Simon and Michael’s website please click here.

The activity involved in this workshop presentation was group work which consisted of 3-4 students working together to create a digital story on Microsoft Powerpoint. The group I was part of made a digital story on the ANZACS. This story had an introduction, a problem and a solution. The story demonstrated the ANZACS going off to war and a message of mateship.


Digital storytelling is a great way to incorporate group work within the classroom. By showing the whole class examples of digital storytelling and then breaking up into smaller working groups to work on one of their own projects, students are able to work together and produce quality work in a short amount of time. As teachers we can give the students a head start in digital storytelling by giving them scripts (keywords and pictures) to help produce story ideas. This type of activity is a great example of how ICT can fit into different curriculum areas within a school.

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