Our first workshop consisted of students getting useto the Mac environment.
I have used a Mac computer before so I do have a sound understanding of some of the basic applications on this operating system. It was good to see that most people in the class were at the same level having not used a Mac before or knowing the basics like myself. 

My personal challenge is to become familiar with some more advanced elements of the Mac computer and it will be a great learning opportunity to develop my knowledge on this operating system as many schools these days have both Mac and PC labs.

We examined the blackboard section for this unit EDST441 and went through some of the resources available for students. I feel this subject will be interesting as it revolves around website making and elements of ICT which are some of my interests.


We briefly went through the program iWeb which is a simple and creative program used to make simple but efficient websites. There is no html or coding required and of course this will save a lot of time. This program would be great to incorporate into teaching students at school as it is really straight forward and easy to understand.

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