This page contains links to each of the students ePortfolios in the subject EDST441. It acts as a student portal for ideas and resources for teaching.

Danielle Ames
Michelle Andreatta
Christopher Betson
Nicholas Biddle
Cj Chen
Matthew Clagnan
Bethany Conlan
Kelly Cornwell
Sonali De Silva
Emmanuel Dela Cruz
Christina Fam
Sophie Favelle
Jonelle Gois
Danielle Griffiths
Ashley Haken
Natalie Hutchinson                
Sana Issa
Micheline Kazzi
Michael Klish
Amanda Lekovski
Jacqueline Mcalister
Sheree Mcdonell
Paula Mcneil
Ashleigh Milburn
Caterina Mollace
Nadia Montibeler
Jessica Morrison
Emiliene O’Laco
Karly Pandelios    
Uyen Pham
Russell Player
Samuel Prasad
Muhammad Rafi
Muhammad Rana
David Ratcliffe
Lisa Ratcliffe
Matthew Rath
Tania Ruggiero
Melissa Salinitri
Emma Schuberth
Robert Scriven
Daniel Sobkowski
Susannah Spinola
Bernadette Sproats
Deborah Truman
Erin Vassarotti
Phillip Walker
Rachel Watkins
Nicole Wheeler
Michael Zaouk

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