About Me!!!

My name is Erin Vassarotti and I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts degree at the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Strathfield Campus. I am studying to become a Secondary School Teacher majoring in Computing and minoring in both Religious Education and Technology (food and textiles technology).

Computing teaching, being my major at University is a great interest of mine. Computers are everchanging and take you on a journey of life long learning. I think it is important for all children to be technologically equiped for their future lives. All jobs these days are based somehow around a computing environment and it is important to teach students the basics of how to use different programs on a computer and about computer systems in general.

Whilst finishing my final year of school I received a Catholic Schools Scholarship from the Sydney Catholic Education Office, in which I am currently on whilst at ACU. I am honoured to be a part of this scholarship as I am interested in teaching within the Catholic Education system. I believe Catholic Education is concerned with the whole person, based on the faith of our Church and aims to foster each and every child’s developmental needs in a spritual, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects.

Teaching has always interested me and I am looking forward to completing my degree to put my hard work and practise to the test in the classroom. Teaching is such a rewarding profession, everyday you are learning new things and everyday is different and filled with a new technological adventure. Teaching is a life long journey and as a future educator, I am committed in taking part in this life long journey ahead of me.