I feel that I have thoroughly exercised all avenues in order to complete this ePortfolio. The following list sums up how I have continued to build and maintain my ePortfolio for the duration of the EDST441 unit:

  • Evidence and Reflection of ICT in the Classroom – Please click here to follow the link to view my page on Using ICT. Here you will find information on different ICT technologies which can be implemented within the classroom. There is also evidence of this concept on each of the workshop reflections. Please click here to follow the link to my Workshops mainpage.
  • Evidence to support the Professional Teaching Standards based on the “Professional eProtfolio Model” – In order to meet this requirement I have created a second ePortfolio which is known as my Professional ePortfolio. This portfolio outlines each of the elements. There were specific elements I have evidence for in order to demonstrate my understanding and completion of each. Please click here to follow the link to the page on my ePortfolio outlining the elements I have evidence for. Alternatively please click here to follow the link to view my Professional ePortfolio.
  • Evidence of Regular Posting and Updates – This requirement can be seen through three specific elements that I have referred to. Element 6.1.1, Element 6.1.2 and Element 6.1.6 refer to regular posting and commenting on other students ePortfolios and my own. Please click on each element to view this evidence.
  • Quality Multimedia, Design and Ease of Navigation – Each page on my ePortfolio demonstrates the use of these three aspects. Please feel free to browse through my ePortfolio for this evidence.
  • References and Resources – My ePortfolio contains a page for References. This page includes different website links that have been referred to throughout the creation of this ePortfolio and also websites that are beneficial for my future teaching career. Please click here to view my Reference page. My ePortfolio also contains a Resource page. This page includes different resources that I find useful being a future teacher and also references which I can refer back to, such as lesson plans. Please click here to view my Resources page.