The final lecture for this semester was based on the topics of 21st Century Skills and Preparing for Practicum. To access the lecture notes on 21st Century Skills please click here.  The diagram below demonstrates exactly what these 21st century skills are.


These skills are important for future teachers to be aware of as they will lead to student success and achievement throughout their schooling lives. Schools have to look to the future and ICT and technology is the way of the future. By having knowledge of these 21st Century skills us as future teachers will be prepared and lead our students through 21st century schooling.

The following two videos highlight this idea of 21st Century Skills in more detail:

The second topic for this lecture was Preparing for Practicum. These notes are of great importance as we are coming up to our first practicum which will be assessed with reference to the Professional Teaching Standards. One main thing I got from these lecture notes is to always remember to keep the lesson interesting and challenging and filled with ICT experiences for the students. To access these notes please click here.