The NSW Institute of Teachers was established to support quality teaching in all NSW schools. It is set up to support the career long development of teachers. This website is very important to myself and other future teachers.

The Professional Teaching standards can be found on this website which describe what teachers need to know, understand and be able to do. These standards are the things that are examined by Univerity Supervisors whilst on our practicum experiences in schools.

A link to these Professional Teaching standards is provided here.

Graduate Teachers are teachers who have just completed their degree and are out in the workforce. There are specific Professional Teaching standards for these teachers which can be found at this link.

There are a number of important documents for Accreditation at Professional Competence that can be found at the following website.

To be accreditated a number of evidence has to be provided, for example worksamples or lesson plans from practicum experiences. Being a pre-graduate teacher we are classified as New Scheme Teachers. Information for New Scheme Teachers can be found by clicking here.