Welcome to Erin Vassarotti’s ePortfolio!!!


“By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.” – Latin Proverb 


Introduction and Purpose

The creation of this ePortfolio is part of the assessment requirements for students completing the unit EDST441: Information and Communication Technology Curriculum and Teaching 1.

The purpose of this ePortfolio is to engage students in creating a professional and personal profile. The ePortfolio provides important insights into my individual teaching talents and beliefs about education.

The ePortfolio is a valuable tool as evidence for accreditation for the NSW Institute of Teachers as it provides insights of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional commitment.

An important aspect of this unit is the way it provides future teachers, such as myself, with knowledge, skills and techniques using ICT within the classroom. It is important teachers are kept up-to-date with emerging technologies as schools are an everchanging environment.

To go directly to my Professional Evidence blog please click here. On this blog you will find links to various teaching standards evident throughout this website.

To view examples of my Evidence of Professional Standards please click here.

Have fun navigating through my ePortfolio



7 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Amanda Lekovski Says:

    Your ePortfolio is looking great. Love the way you have organised your pages and it was intresting reading some of your posts!

  2. vassa02 Says:

    Thanks Amanda. Yours is looking great too although i cannot seem to figure out how to leave comments on your ePortfolio?

  3. joni88 Says:

    Hey Erin,
    i really like your header it looks fantastic. i was thinking of using the same website to create mine.

  4. Amanda Lekovski Says:

    You leave comments on my comments page Erin. I wanted to keep a nice neat structure therefore allowed the comments to only be placed within on page. You final product is looking good.

  5. nmonti Says:

    Hi Erin,
    You have done a great job creating an e-portfolio that is easy to navigate around.
    I particularly enjoyed reading the ICT section as it provides lots of detail about the many different ways teachers can incorporate ICT in the classroom. This information could be used as a great resource for your peers as it provides them with details about a wide range of tools available to them.

  6. lmmccoll Says:

    Hey Erin,
    Wow!! Your e-portfolio is great! It is so professional and is really easy to find things. You’ve done a really good job!!

  7. berniesproats Says:

    Wow Erin, you definitely know how to use wordpress! I like how everything is set out, and I think your header is very cute! nice work

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